These are just a few of the many bad habits that can turn a pet into a nuisance... but don't blame the dog, train him (and yourself)! Our goal is to turn YOU into your dog's best trainer! No matter the issue, Hounds Town University has the solution for you. Choose one of our several obedience options below to find out about tuition, details of the programs, and dates and locations of available sessions (click on the paws!).

Remember.....A well-trained and obedient dog is a pleasure to own; a true companion instead of a nuisance. Your dog will not only learn the "rules of the house," but will love you more. By teaching him to respect your authority, he will seek your approval rather than simply seeking your attention (and we all know that sometimes seeking our attention means being a bad doggie!).

If you love your dog and wish that you could have more fun and less frustration in your relationship with him or her, give us a call or send us an email and learn more about our obedience options. You will not be disappointed!

Click here for more information on Michael S Gould, head Trainer at Hounds Town University.