Hounds Town University is a canine educational institution that sets the highest standards of excellence. Our training director, Michael S. Gould possesses 30 years of well-documented, “real world” experience in the field of law enforcement and commercial dog training. He is highly credentialed and his vast experience as a founding member of the NYC Police Department's Elite Canine Unit, commanding the Nassau County Police Canine Unit, traveling the world studying, creating and applying advanced and innovative training methods for commercial applications. His background includes providing “explosive detector dogs” at ground zero on 9-11, to deploying US Navy Military Working dogs (MWD) in Europe during the war in Iraq. He is a court-qualified “Expert Witness” in the field of canine aggression, dog bites and canine “search and seizure.” Michael has lectured for municipalities across the country including the FBI academy in Quantico, VA. He is currently a paid consultant for several government agencies, as well private and municipal shelters.  His experience is unmatched. Click here to find out more about Michael S. Gould.

Unfortunately, the private pet-care and dog training industry is largely unregulated. In most areas of the country, it is more difficult to become a licensed barber then a dog trainer. The industry is infested with “snake oil salesmen” and “charlatans;” anyone can easily go on a computer and receive training certifications from one of hundreds of online pet organizations for a fee, develop a website or put an ad in a local paper and presto, instant dog trainer! At best, most are ineffective and at worst, dangerous and harmful to the very animals they are paid to train.

Our obedience programs brings this “real world,” advanced commercial dog training experience and methodology to the private community. We provide in-depth practical canine training, from basic dog obedience to complex canine rehabilitation, specializing in aggression and advanced problem-solving. Our training curriculum teaches you to understand your dog’s unique and individual temperament and personality, regardless of breed, gender or age, and regain the respect of your dog as its natural pack leader.

Many of our students have tried and failed in other training programs. We invite you to explore and carefully review our training programs. Whether you are seeking a “service dog” to assist a disabled person or keeping your family pet from dragging you down the street, our staff of experienced behaviorists can design a program to meet your specific needs. Investigate and compare our school to our competitors. Ask tough questions; if you don’t receive intelligent and sensible answers, call us! We will provide a no-cost consultation and temperament evaluation of your dog. No contracts, no gimmicks!

*Although Hounds Town USA has 3 locations, our Ronkonkoma facility is the only location that is authorized to train as "Hounds Town University" and is the only facility approved and supervised by Head Trainer, Michael S. Gould.